How to Make a Potty Training Chart

Hearing her toddler say that she's wants to use the big potty is something every mother waits to hear. Potty training is a big step in a toddler's life, graduating her from babyhood to being a "big kid" and signaling the end of diapers. For many toddlers, at first, potty training is unique and fun; however, once the newness has worn off, it's common for accidents to begin happening again. Using a chart that a child can fill with bright stickers will help motivate her to continue with their potty training.

Step 1

Decide what you want on the potty training chart. This will depend upon your child's age and where she is in her potty training. Keep the chart simple to prevent putting undue pressure on your child; think in general terms rather than details. This will also keep you from having to have dozens of stickers for each small part of going to the potty.

Step 2

Draw the chart, using bright colors and simple lettering. You can add pictures to each step to help your child remember what is expected of him. Ask your child if she would like any special themes for her chart.

Step 3

Make one chart for each day. It not only starts each day fresh, it helps your toddler focus on today and not what he did-or didn't do-yesterday. Keep the chart in a convenient location-and height-for your child. Place the stickers out of his reach, so that they don't become a toy.

Step 4

Adjust the chart as needed. Perhaps your toddler has problems with going to the potty before she goes to bed or neglecting to pause her playtime long enough to go to the potty. Adding these to the chart targets specific problems.

Step 5

Set a goal for your child with a special reward. For instance, if he fills two full charts with stickers, he gets a small toy. Set larger rewards for greater amounts of completed charts, such as going out for an ice cream.


Published: Oct. 11, 2009


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